Trump delivers USNS Comfort and Mercy as promised


Earlier today, the USNS Comfort, a U.S. Navy hospital ship arrived at Pier 90 in the New York City harbor. The ship was welcomed by Governor Andrew Cuomo, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, and a crowd of residents. The floating hospital ship will dock and care for non-coronavirus patients so that the city’s emergency rooms and ICU beds can remain available for patients suffering from COVID-19 who need immediate, urgent care.

Three days prior, another U.S. Navy hospital ship—the Mercy—docked in Los Angeles, California, which has become a growing hotspot for the virus. The Mercy will be used to ease the strain that the coronavirus outbreak has put on the city’s hospital system. Similar to the Comfort in NYC, the Mercy’s 1,000 beds and a dozen operating rooms will provide healthcare workers with the space they will need to treat non-coronavirus patients who urgently need medical care.

NY State Governor Andrew Cuomo tweeted this morning, “The Comfort brings 1,000 much-needed hospital beds & 1,200 personnel to New York. I’ll be in NYC to receive a briefing upon its arrival.”

Like NY’s Governor Cuomo, Governor Gavin Newsom of California would not have secured the necessary hospital space to handle the imminent swell, or “curve”, of COVID-19 infected patients had the USNS Mercy not been deployed.

Both governors, as well as the residents of New York City and Los Angeles, have President Trump and his administration to thank for the swift preparation and deployment of the Comfort and the Mercy. On March 19, our president invoked rarely used emergency powers to deploy the Navy hospital ship to NYC and the other to the West Coast, after which he tweeted in true Trump fashion, “We are all in this TOGETHER!”

“There is no sign that the Navy hospital ships that the president made such a big deal of—the ‘Comfort’ and the ‘Mercy’—that they’ll be anywhere on site helping out anywhere in the country for weeks,” MSNBC news anchor Rachel Maddow reported on March 20.

This was the very next day. Not even a full 24 hours later. Rachel Maddow and all of MSNBC watched our president announce that he planned to prepare and deploy two US Navy hospital ships and her response was to get on the air, shake her head at our president’s efforts, and sigh.

“The president said when he announced those ships would be put into action against the COVID-19 epidemic. He said one of those ships would be operational in New York harbor next week. That’s nonsense. It will not be there next week,” Maddow went on to naysay during the same March 20 broadcast.

Nonsense? Really, Maddow? Did gazing into your crystal ball tell you that?

MSNBC, CNN, PBS, ABC, and countless other major mainstream media conglomerates, as well as newspapers like The New York Times, The Washington Post, and others have not been reporting the news for a very long time now. What they have been doing is serving as an invisible wing of the democratic party’s progressive left, and their priority is to characterize our president as a dangerous liar who will destroy the country.

But America is catching on to their tricks and their leftist agenda. Rachel Maddow tried to convince her viewership to chuckle alongside her at Trump’s pie-in-the-sky promises. But a week later, Trump has delivered, and Rachel Maddow can eat crow all by herself.

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