Trump delivers Easter blessing from White House


On Good Friday, President Trump participated in an Easter blessing, addressing the nation earlier today from the Oval Office and asking all Americans to pray in the fight against “the invisible enemy.”

Joining Trump in the Oval Office was Bishop Harry Jackson, a Pentecostal preacher from Maryland, who delivered a Good Friday message, read from scripture, and prayed on behalf of the nation.

“Good Friday… is one of the darkest days in the Christian faith in that Christ stood in substitution for our sin. But the resurrection is our victory. But it parallels with the Passover,” Jackson said. “We want this plague to pass over. We want everyone in America to be safe.”

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic President Trump and Vice President Pence have consistently delivered a faith-filled message of sacrifice and solidarity, invoking biblical values such as patience, generosity, and consideration and care for the most at-risk among us.

Trump’s prayer for the nation included an intersection with politics characteristic of our nation’s great leaders of the past who have sought to deepen the countries hope and trust in God during moments of severe crisis.

“Though we will not be able to gather together with one another as we normally would on Easter,” President Trump said, “we can use this sacred time to focus on prayer, reflection, and growing in our personal relationship with God—it’s so important. I ask all Americans to pray that God will heal our nation, to bring comfort to those who are grieving, to give strength to the doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers, to restore health to the sick, and to renew the hope in every person who is suffering. Our nation will come through like never before. I thank the many families who have prayed for me and for my family, and your prayers are felt. And I am forever grateful. I’d like to thank our great vice president and his wonderful wife, who we all know very well—Karen—for the incredible job they do and for their service not only to the country but for their service to God. Almost three-thousand years ago, the prophet Isaiah wrote these words, ‘Darkness covers the earth, but the Lord rises upon you and his glory appears over you, for the Lord will be your everlasting light.’

“As our nation battles the invisible enemy, we affirm that Americans believe in the power of prayer,” the president went on. “We give thanks for the majesty of creation. And for the gift of eternal life, and we place our trust in the hands of almighty God.

“I would like to wish everybody a very happy Easter. We are going to be celebrating that very, very special day, and it’s hopefully going to be a very good weekend, and a very productive weekend.”

Trump’s original hope was to reopen parts of the U.S. economy by Easter. While that idea was decided against after top health officials warned him of the projected consequences that could befall the country if citizens returned to work untested, the president hasn’t abandoned his hopeful, faith-filled spirit. Now more than ever before, Trump is encouraging Christians in the U.S. and all around the world to pray for healing during the coronavirus pandemic. We here at the Christian Daily Chronicle couldn’t agree more and plan to do precisely that.