Outrageous hope, why mainstream media can’t resist attacking Trump


Stephen Collinson, a political analyst for CNN, wants you to be worried—or better yet, outraged—in response to our president’s hopeful attitude towards the coronavirus pandemic, and Collinson isn’t alone. As President Trump conducts daily press conferences, updates the American people with his administration’s accomplishments, reports real numbers, and—most outrageously—offers hope to an anxious country, leftist mainstream media journalists have characterized our president as not only reckless, but deserving of being thrown out of office.

Is he? Are reporters like Collinson doing the American people a favor by synthesizing an hour-long press conference into three paragraphs, or worse, a single headline, that conveys what they’ve decided should be the main takeaway of the briefing? When journalists put influencing their readership in front of delivering the bullet points of the news, should we thank them? Should we trust them? Or should we go straight to the source—i.e. should we watch the press conference in full, should we read the legislation from top to bottom—and discover for ourselves what the facts are?

In an article that CNN printed online Friday, Collinson begins his reporting with, “As America became the epicenter of the global coronavirus pandemic, President Donald Trump downplayed the escalating national crisis.” Wow. Not only does that inform the reader that the novel coronavirus situation in the U.S. has gotten worse, but it also implies that the president might not care.

But to say that Trump “downplayed” the crisis is Collinson’s impression. It’s not a fact. A citizen wouldn’t know that however, or be able to draw their own conclusion on the matter, if they weren’t able to go straight to the source. Further, the word “escalating” is problematic for the same reason. Collinson’s article is saturated with carefully-chosen words and phrases meant to instill fear, panic, and outrage in their readership. Their goal? To incite the American people into a state of blind-fury directed solely at the president to ensure that voters will make a concerted effort to campaign against Trump and for the democratic nominee—a man with dementia? Mainstream media really doesn’t want Trump to see another term in office.

Wait, isn’t the news supposed to remain unbiased? Well, no, not at all, and Americans need to bear that in mind. While media outlets and journalists are prohibited from reporting information that can be proven in a court of law to be “false”, they are free to use whatever language they would like to stamp their particular perspective onto the stories they print and broadcast. One newspaper may print “hurricane headed towards orphanage” while another headline reads “storm remains far from shore, meteorologists say”. Which story is telling the truth? Both are, except that one headline provokes immediate concern and the other suggests that panic isn’t warranted.

President Trump and his administration have been making incredible strides in the fight against the pandemic. Yesterday, our president signed the largest bill in U.S. history which will flood our economy with cash and hopefully correct the financial devastation this country is facing due to the nationwide shelter in place ordinance.

Oh no, I said “hopefully”. Someone call Stephen Collinson and the optimism police! No one is allowed to feel hopeful if that hope is the direct result of having listened to President Trump with clear eyes and a full heart. Where is the belittling brigade to shame me into reshaping my thoughts to align with theirs? Where is the ridicule raid to slam me with the rhetoric I’m supposed to adopt? Oh, phew! They’re still on Facebook swapping identical ideas and deluding themselves into assuming that everyone on the internet thinks like them.

The uniform “thought” that all America would be wise to hold as of this very second—if we listen to and agree with CNN—is that President Trump’s call for hope is dangerous and will end up killing the people who are most at-risk of contracting the coronavirus; the people we are working so hard to save. CNN not only warns that our president’s expressed hope in the trial drug hydroxychloroquine is reckless, the media outlet also drummed up an actual moron-woman who fed her husband aquarium tank cleaner because she assumed that our nation’s leader wanted everyone to hunt beneath the kitchen sink in search of anything that even remotely resembled hydroxychloroquine. The woman’s husband died in the E.R. and the woman herself—she also ingested the aquarium tank cleaner—got severely sick.

What was CNN’s slanted message when they reported this story? It was that Trump got a man killed and he’ll keep doing it if someone doesn’t tape his mouth shut and throw him in the trunk of a Cadillac!

Except there’s one glaring flaw with CNN’s message, hydroxychloroquine works. It is promising. Doctors were the ones who tried it out, discovered its benefits, and informed the greater health community. There is reason to be hopeful about this drug. Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) has been so hopeful about hydroxychloroquine that a full week ago when this trial drug was little more than a whisper of hope in the health community, he ordered 70-thousand packs of it.

When Cuomo tells the media—and his deranged younger brother at CNN, Chris Cuomo—to be hopeful about this trial drug, journalists perpetuate a reasonable tone and pass the information along, albeit quietly, to the American people. When Trump tells the media the exact same thing, it becomes just one more piece of evidence that he is a maniac who must be stopped.

We are now learning that even the magnitude and duration of the “curve” of the virus’ spread will very likely be far less than originally projected. This ought to give us hope. America could go back to normal as soon as Easter. Along this sentiment, Dr. Deborah Birx, the response coordinator for the White House Coronavirus Task Force informed the press at yesterday’s press conference that the previously projected infection-rate numbers and deaths will be much lower than originally anticipated, and she urged the press to stop scaring the American people with inflated numbers that promote fear and panic.

This was CNN Stephen Collinson’s response to Birx’s warning:

“And he (Trump) appeared set on contradicting the advice of one of his top task force members, Dr. Anthony Fauci, who told CNN that only the virus can set the timeline for reopening the country.”

It’s important to bear in mind that while Fauci is an expert, any expert will only look at their isolated area of expertise. When Fauci comments on the virus’ infection rate slowing or speeding up in relation to shelter in place, he isn’t taking the health of our economy into consideration. We wouldn’t want him to. That’s not his area. But if we listened to Fauci and followed his every recommendation down to the letter, it would devastate the economic welfare of the country in perhaps immeasurable ways.

But that doesn’t matter to CNN. What Fauci said kinda-almost-sounds-like he disagrees with Trump, so let’s magnify that possibility as much as possible to influence readers and not highlight Birx’s warning.

Collinson, as well as his news organization CNN, has been intentionally—and maliciously—characterizing the president as a hotheaded buffoon to influence the masses against voting for Trump later in 2020. Even the headline—Trump touts success as US becomes world’s coronavirus epicenter—is slanted to convince the reader that once again our egomaniacal leader is deriving pleasure from keeping the people in peril.

This is what the president is talking about when he accuses the leftist mainstream media of pedaling “fake news” and unfortunately only discerning Americans who can afford to take the time to watch press conferences in their entirety and read legislation as it comes to pass are able to understand Trump’s complaint. Facebook is a cesspool of this fake news. Articles go viral based on their headlines provoking emotional, rather than logical, responses, and readers are more likely to click-and-read news reports that they assume will reinforce the politics they’ve been indoctrinated to believe. Even my old high school friends spread misinformation that reinforces their perspective—the perspective that CNN and other leftist media outlets have spoon fed them. Of course, they don’t realize it’s “fake news”. They believe that its accurate and that everyone else on Facebook thinks the way that they do. When they encounter another member who doesn’t, they take it upon themselves to correct that member, and their method of correction involves regurgitating the very news articles that contain the precise misinformation that deceived them in the first place.

But why would they do anything else? Why would they question online newspapers like CNN? Why would they think for themselves? Why would they go straight to the source and investigate the information? Why would they want to have authentic hope when they can have hatred towards our president’s hope instead?

My extremely intelligent and highly moral high school friends on Facebook don’t require source information, context, or discernment. They don’t need to watch the full press conferences. They also didn’t need to read the original coronavirus economic stimulus package bill nor Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s delusional counter-offer which repurposed the Green New Deal as if fixing environmental issues would help supply hospitals with masks, gowns, gloves, and ventilators. My old friends are too smart to allow even so much as a twinge of discernment to enter their minds, because they lead with their morality and real morality—which only they possess—never stops to analyze the ramifications of its own demands.

Christian-owned Hobby Lobby didn’t close its 900 doors in response to the pandemic even though the chain of arts and crafts stores was never legally obligated to. Outrageous! Pressure those monsters David and Barbara Green! Try insulting their Christian faith if they won’t obey our self-prescribed moral standard! Shame-force them into doing what CNN tells them to do, like we do!

What about the 43,000 employees who depend on Hobby Lobby for their paycheck? How are they supposed to feed their kids? This is no time for feeding children! We’re trying to save lives! So what if the stimulus checks won’t hit America’s collective bank account for three weeks? Never mind that it’s impossible to retroactively put food in your children’s stomachs! This is no time to listen to the president, no time to have hope, no time to strategize how we as a nation might return to work!

We need to do everything we can to save lives! Bring the economy to a grinding halt if we have to! Even if we only save one single life!

“Every life is precious” seems to be the consensus on Facebook… that is, unless we’re talking about unborn babies. Those lives don’t matter. In fact, unborn babies aren’t people so it’s important that our legislation permits us to kill them if we feel like it. Yes, the same mob that is using the “save lives, stay at home!” motto and indulging in “social media shaming” to ridicule and mock anyone who doesn’t blindly overreact to the “shelter in place” guidelines and overcompensate accordingly, is the same mob that marched in the streets and shrieked that mothers must have a legal right to kill their unborn children. So, which is it? Do lives matter, or don’t they?

No one in their right mind wants our nation’s weakest, oldest, and sickest to perish in the face of this pandemic. No one in their right mind wants to lose their job, either. Most people don’t want to lose a single paycheck.

But the leftist mainstream media hasn’t been in its “right mind” for quite some time now, and we have reporters like Stephen Collinson to thank for that.

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