Our divided United States


America's political polarization has been increasing. Ideology of the Democratic Party has been surging towards leftist progressivism at warp speed, leaving traditional liberals behind. Republicans have been resisting politically progressive change, digging their heels in and doubling-down on conservative values, even when doing so risks exacerbating the public's negative perception of their party. Neither Blue nor Red trusts the other with the fate of the country.

Americans are fiercely divided. Democrats are convinced the Republican Party is designed to perpetuate racism, sexism, and bigotry. Republicans believe the Democratic Party is determined to rewrite the constitution in such a way that ensures equality of outcome, even if the rights of individuals are obliterated in the process.

The severity of this growing divide has rendered centrist views obsolete. Understanding the other side is unacceptable, forget listening to the opposite party and debating them. Stand strongly with either the Left or the Right, never in the middle, and maintain a distance of at least six-feet at all times. Social distancing slows more than the spread of COVID-19. It stops the infection rate of the opposing party's voter base. Contention, however, appears to remain contagious, and neither Republicans nor Democrats are immune.

Leading up to the 2016 presidential election, symptoms of political anxiety emerged surrounding a need to save the country. These symptoms weren't psychosomatic. A lurking disease that had gone undiagnosed for decades was suddenly metastasizing, but the Democratic Party's proposed cure looked very different from the Republicans'.

For the Left, Donald Trump could become malignant. Cut him out like a tumor and save the country. This prescription hasn't changed, though every procedure attempting to remove him has failed. Those on the Right believe that preserving the country's founding principles is paramount, and if the Democratic Party's progressive leftism continues to go untreated, all of America will weaken until the country, and the freedom it represents, are figuratively dead.

As of the writing of this article, the 2020 president elect has not been determined. Tensions across party lines have reached a fever pitch. Who isn't afraid of what the opposing constituency might do if Trump wins or loses?

Could emerging determination to save America via religious legislation put political polarization into remission and reunite a currently divided United States?

Or will this right-wing remedy result in adverse side effects for the country… Will it push Americans even closer to the brink of a virtual civil war worse than a cure that kills the patient along with the disease?

Trump came into his presidency in 2016 with urgent protocols to remove from Capitol Hill all that ails America, i.e. festering political corruption. Comparing the president to a surgeon would be a flattering stretch. Yet no one can deny he has led a strong charge signing executive orders that support the preservation of religious and other constitutional freedoms, though it's debatable he wielded his pen like a scalpel.

In June of this year, Trump signed an executive order that reaffirmed the United States' support for religious freedom internationally. The order authorized Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin to deploy sanctions and other economic strategies that promote religious freedom in countries where religious dissent has been silenced. Domestically, the president announced in September his plans to sign two executive orders that would preserve conservative values. The 1776 Commission, once executed, will promote patriotic education within public schools, an initiative meant to combat the Left's aggressive mission to introduce revisionist history to America's youth with the aim of indoctrinating students to believe that America is irredeemably racist. The Born Alive executive order, Trump told attendees of the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast, will ensure medical care for all babies, including those born after an attempted abortion. The president went on to promise protection for religion, prayer, and the right to life, calling the protection of our nation's children a "sacrosanct moral duty". And the list of executive orders signed by Trump do not end there. The president has curbed censorship across social media platforms--censorship that was promoting leftist progressive voices while banning, restricting, and deplatforming right-wing opinions.

As impactful as the president's onslaught of executive orders have been at fighting woke ideology and the Left's political objective to marginalize, if not fully silence, Christians, none have been more effective than his initiative to secure Republican justices within the Supreme Court. Who could forget the party-wide hysteria that afflicted Democrats when Brett Kavanaugh was nominated in 2018? If that was hotly controversial--and it certainly was at the time--Amy Coney Barrett's nomination to the Supreme Court last week made the media frenzy surrounding Kavanaugh's 2018 confirmation look, in retrospect, no worse than the common cold. What spread throughout the Left as Barrett's senate judiciary committee hearings were broadcast can only be described as reactionary delirium.

Barrett, a faithful Catholic, was questioned by Democrats as if her Catholicism made the coronavirus look benign. If confirmed to the Supreme Court on October 22nd, Barrett's decision making will be inherently influenced by her faith-centric biases, the Dems argued. Though justices are not meant to be policymakers, but rather meant to uphold established laws and precedents that already exist, the Dems proceeded to interrogate Barrett with hypotheticals that presumed she would be making policy. The line of questioning was clearly designed to trick her into admitting that she would project the morals of her Catholic faith onto her Supreme Court decisions, should she be confirmed. Democrats feared Barrett could set women and the country as a whole back by at least one hundred years. In short, their implication was that she would ultimately be bad for Americans.

Senator Lindsey Graham stung Democrats worse than salt in a gaping flesh wound when he concluded the hearings by saying, "This is the first time in American history that we've nominated a woman who is unashamedly pro-life and embraces her faith without apology."

When appointed Republicans outnumber Democrats in any branch of government, causing the seated majority to be politically conservative, the Left's progressive agenda becomes stymied. Preserving the constitutional rights of individuals stands in diametric opposition to the Left's fever-dream vision for saving America… from herself, from the sins of her past, from the fate of her evil future if capitalism isn't replaced…

Except that America, for all her optimism, flaws, beauty, and failures, isn't destined for an evil future. She isn't evil now, and to magnify the sins of her past at the expense of overlooking the goodness of her foundation and the freedom she has always provided would be the greatest sin of all.

Politics and policy shouldn't be about improving the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence, as the Left would have Americans believe. Democrats have been in the bizarre practice of dissecting, dismantling, and weirdly interpreting the content of these founding documents until their interpreters are downright hallucinating… and those hallucinations have become amendments, like a woman's constitutional right to abort her pregnancy… How much LSD did the Dems have to drop to come up with that one?

Rather than improving upon the principles of our founding fathers' constitutional system, the policies presented today should instead remain committed to implementing the ever-improving fulfillment of those constitutional rights.

The distinction is subtle, yet massive, and if you don't see it, look harder. The former runs a grave risk of throwing the baby out with the bathwater. The latter, by contrast, keeps America grounded in her birthright while nursing all who live here into their greatest potential, secure in their right to life, liberty, and happiness.

Democrats are also invested in the right to life, liberty, and happiness, but their party refuses to accept that this great American potential is already available to everyone. They reject the concept of equality of opportunity. It's not good enough. What they are after is equality of outcome, an impossible metric. The Left agrees equality of outcome is impossible… unless capitalism is replaced by socialism. Theoretically, socialism would succeed at leveling Americans. The outcome, or rather predicament, of all would potentially appear equal, in theory. For that matter, communism, on paper, looks quite attractive. In practice, however, it quickly morphs into a grotesque, waking nightmare that destroys the human spirit and sends communities, if not entire countries, into impoverished ruins.

Two weeks before the 2020 Iowa caucuses, at Senator Bernie Sanders' rally in Ames, Democratic congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez representing New York took the stage and stated that the young Democratic audience in attendance were part of a "movement for social, economic, and racial justice". She went on to suggest that America needs a movement to transform public policy so the U.S. can "finally advance 21st century human rights and fundamental change" in order to "build a more advanced nation". Ocasio-Cortez is a self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist who has been a symbol of the Left's mission to disempower what they view as a "rigged system", i.e. capitalism. You see, civil liberties and individual rights must be destroyed in order to prevent their misuse, according to the progressives.

The Left has determined that equality of opportunity and the system of meritocracy it relies on will always lead to oppression. Democrats have been touting an ugly oversimplification of America's past--that our country was built on the backs of slaves with a hell of a lot of genocide thrown in for thrills and cackles. The Left wants us to believe that America is a system set up to benefit a few at the expense of the many, and because of it, racism will always be deeply woven into the fibers of our very DNA. Only a redistribution of wealth and power can offset this kind of evil. For progressives, socialism can and will get the job done, but the socialist system implemented must be stripped of the greatest oppressor of all, God and his perfect moral standards.

The linchpin of the Left's strategy to tear down America's historic foundation is to demonize the Judeo-Christian value system it was undeniably built upon. What will our country be left with if the Democrats succeed at stripping away Christian values, viewpoints, and the legislation that grew out of these? Atheism.

Why stand against leftist progressivism? Why not try socialism in the U.S.? Why is a writer and thinker like me reacting so close-mindedly to the policies proposed by the Democratic Party?

Because historically, beginning with the Enlightenment and developing until the formal advent of capitalism as institutionalized in the U.S. upon our country's birth, prosperity was not the norm. Founded simply and also brilliantly on the protection of property rights--the ideology of our founding fathers--capitalism has been undeniably successful in affording the opportunity of prosperity to all, and a massive byproduct of our domestic prosperity has been peace.

This peace and prosperity, which began domestically, has been spreading globally, albeit gradually, ever since. Yes, America still involves itself in wars, even those that we perhaps should have stayed out of. But from an historical standpoint, America and the entire world has never seen more peace and prosperity than it is experiencing today. Global freedom has expanded, as well, wherever the U.S. has had influence in terms of doing business and establishing a military presence. Put plainly, democracy worldwide is at an alltime high, thanks to the United States, and can we really thank America for this without acknowledging the Judeo-Christian values embedded in our constitutional rights and ideology?

If the divide between the Left and the Right continues to widen, then we must ask ourselves, how much longer will the United States remain united? And what will happen if soon there is nothing holding America together politically at all?